The team at Shah-e-Najaf consists of Tutors/Mentors/Scholars from various parts of the world,. Our Quran tutors are certified professionals who have Ijaazah (permission) to teach and train people in Qur’an Recitation and memorization. Those who have permission to only teach and train in Qur’an Recitation and not memorization, such tutors don’t take students who go for memorization.
Besides being qualified professionals in teaching Qur’an, our team has extensive experience in teaching Makharij, Tajweed, Qiraat and hence the correct way of reciting and memorizing Qur’an. These tutors are from different parts of the world and can speak multiple languages in order to cater to vast audience. Most of them are from Asian countries, who are well known to have excellent command over the recitation and memorization of Qur’an.

Professional Teachers: We have the best team of professional Aalim and Aalima with excellent Qirat style and possesses the experience to teach Quran at any level and to any age group. Our carefully designed teaching plan enables both the teacher and the student to learn Quran with more effectively and efficiently.

  1. CEO of Quran Academy Muhammad Sohail is a scholar of PH.D(Islamic Studies speciation in Islamic History ) in the university of Isfahan Iran. He was complete the master in Islamic international university Islamabad Pakistan and M.Phil in nation university of modern languages. He had complete the Mudrassa Education in jamiakuther Islamabad Pakistan and some subject of philosophy study in Qom Iran.



  1. Creator of Quran Companion Syed Muzammil Hussain Kazmi is the teacher of Islamic research center Islamabad Pakistan and he was complete the Mudrassa Education in mashad Iran and he had a master degree of Sultan ul Fazil. Who has a wide expereince of teaching Quran online. His students are satisfied with his way of teaching and we hope you also get a lot of benefits.